What Our Clients Say

Nikolay S.

I am strongly recommend this immigration company. After 4 years of immigration attempts with various companies, we got into Green Light. Now we live in Toronto, the process took 10 months, everything was exactly as promised. It was very pleasant to work with them. For more information, write to me, I will gladly answer questions and give recommendations.

What Our Clients Say

Grigoriy K.

We were recommended by friends to contact Green Light. I can say for sure that I know personally 6 families that were registered through them. I recommend myself and recommend in absentia on behalf of my friends. All those who want to immigrate are sent only to Green Light.

Canada Immigration Opportunities

Business Immigration for Entrepreneurs

Canada has one the most developed markets in the world. As a nation of immigrants, Canada welcomes foreign nationals applying to work as self-employed or to operate their own business. Many entrepreneurs enjoy the ease of doing business and the friendly regulatory environment.

Would you like to incorporate your business in Canada?
Do you have a managerial experience?
Do you have a creative idea that can make a profit?

The International Mobility Program for Entrepreneurs/self-employed candidates allows you to launch your company and immigrate to Canada!

To apply for this stream, your idea must be unique and generate significant economic, social or cultural benefits or opportunities for Canadian citizens or permanent residents. We will assist you in assessing your business idea/plan, documents gathering and package creation to satisfy the requirements of the International Mobility Program for Entrepreneurs/self-employed candidates seeking to operate a business in Canada.

Our experts already helped many clients to launch their business in Canada based on the most original and unique ideas.

Any ideas are welcome! We can make any idea unique!

Give us your contact details and briefly describe your business idea

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