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Canada has a high record of over 1 million job vacancies

It was last reported in September 2021, that there was a total of 988,300 job vacancies. According to Statistics Canada,  now there are over 1 million (1,012,900) job vacancies, as of the beginning of March 2022. There was an increase of 186,400 between February and March and an increase of 382,000 from March 2021.

The accommodation and food services sector has the highest job vacancy rate (12.5%), there was an increase of 42,900 job vacancies in this sector. With this increase, employers in this sector are looking to fill up a total of  158,100 positions.

job vacancies

The healthcare and social assistance sector and construction industry are also reporting a record high of job vacancies. After five months of decline in job vacancies, the construction industry reports that there are a total of 81,900 vacancies to be filled, with an increase of 17,200 positions in March. Employers in the healthcare and social assistance sector are facing a total of 154,500 vacancies.

Even though job vacancies increased across all provinces, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labrador had the highest, with an increase of 49.4% to 26,600, 45.6% to 23,000, and 43.1% to 8,300 job vacancies respectively.

The next job vacancy report  and wage results data from the first will be released in June 2022

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