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Anderson College

From the minute the students walk in and throughout the rest of their lives, they know they made the right choice.

Since 1988 the private institution known as Anderson College has attracted thousands of students to, not only study but gain experience. Anderson College provides a bounty of opportunities to help students to get the most out of their enrollment.

They have flexible schedules to give students the opportunity to work up to 20 hours a week, in order to get experience or to help students finance their education. Anderson College also has the advantage of being a private college, giving it the ability to provide students with smaller classes to increase one on one time with the teacher.

Services for International Students

Beyond the services offered to most students, there are also services offered exclusively to International students. These services help students with personal problems that they may face, such as finding a friend group to helping with academically based issues, including one on one counseling.

International Student Advisor

On their campus, Anderson College has employed an “International Student Advisor,” and one of their tasks is to help connect international students to ethnic clubs or associations, which they are welcome to join. It helps to reduce the loneliness that many international students experience when leaving their home country.

The students in these clubs have often gone through a similar experience to what the new students are feeling which can help them bond and assist in the forming of a relationship.

Student Workshops

Anderson College also provides a number of workshops to assist new international students with their transition to Canada, whether it is the culture, academic structure, obtaining a higher level of fluency in the English language or anything else.

Financial Consultation and Assistance

The College also offers special financial assistance to international students as well as financial consultation. It helps them to understand the financial system in Canada, as well as help with any funding.

Career Path Evaluation

The College has successfully developed a career evaluation counseling program. The goal of the program is to help students understand their future career development potential.

Individual Counselling

The College makes sure that counseling is available to help students with any personal issues that they may be facing, such as anxiety, stress, loneliness, and homesickness. 

To access the services there are a few admission requirements. In order to enroll the students must be:

  • at least 18 years old,
  • Complete the International Student Application Form online
  • pass the Wonderlic personnel test,
  • provide photographic identification
  • and provide proof of English proficiency.

After being accepted into a program, there is also a registration form that must be completed.

For more information, please visit the Anderson College website at

For more information on the application process, please visit

Eligible Colleges & Universities

Algonquin College

When colleges were opening in 1967, one stood out from the crowd. The product of both the Eastern Ontario Institute of Technology and the Ontario Vocational Centre in Ottawa, Algonquin College.

Named after the Algonquin First people who originally inhabited the area, the College continues to invite thousands of students every year to their campus from over 100 countries. After more than 50 years of development, Algonquin College has managed to not only constantly break its record for the number of enrolled students.  It also  made it to the list of the top 50 research Colleges in Canada.

There are more reasons why Algonquin College brings in more than 2000 international students semi-annually, but one of the biggest reasons is the services that the College offers its international students.

Student Counseling Service for Students

Firstly, there is a counseling service available to any students who are suffering from, anxiety, depression, relationships, adjusting to life in Canada and/or everything in between. To help with the adjustment to Canada Algonquin College offers an international student orientation a few days before the semester begins. This orientation allows international students to explore the school,  the neighborhood and make friends and new connections.

Peer Tutoring Program

The idea of working together with a student slightly older in order to solve problems can give the international students the motivation they need to talk to someone else and use the skill on other students as well in order to make friends.

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) support program

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) support program is offered onsite to international students in order to help them master the English language.

Essential Study Skills website

Essential Study Skills website helps international students with academic problems:  such as time management, stress management, reading, note taking, studying and test-taking.

Before those services can be used, there are a few requirements that students must fulfill, including completing an English proficiency test, submitting an International Student Application Form and paying the required fees.

Along with the International Application form, students will need to submit Secondary (high) school transcripts as well as proof of Secondary (high) school completion. The proof of completion requires a for an equivalent to an Ontario Secondary School Diploma,

To determine the equivalent for your country please visit


For more information, please visit the Algonquin College Page at

Eligible Colleges & Universities

Cenntennial College

The oldest college in Ontario is welcoming thousands of students to its halls.

Since Centennial college first opened in 1966, it has welcomed thousands of international students from over 100 countries.

This college was even recognized as the #1 college for international students in Ontario. The Centennial College demonstrates its support for the environmental cause. In 2011 it has constructed a new library, but the building was also certified LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) at the highest rank.

Centennial College also offers services to its international students to help assist them in feeling comfortable in the Canadian environment. The college helps international students by providing them with health care and assistance with housing to ensure that the experience that they have in Canada is not stressful for them.

Peer Tutoring Programs

Centennial College offers peer tutoring sessions where you can make friends while getting help in a subject. Students are given the opportunity to help out fellow students who need help.

Academic English Center

The College helps international students to develop and practice their English skills so that they can easily communicate and learn.

Individual Counselling for Foreign Students

Individual counseling is offered on site to help students cope with both academic and personal life challenges 

Before the international students are able to take advantage of these services, they must be admitted into the college, and there are some requirements: 

  • an application form must be filled out,
  • the international student must have a diploma equivalent to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma
  • proof of sufficient knowledge of English.


For more information, please visit the Centennial website at

Eligible Colleges & Universities

University of Toronto

Back in 1827, King George IV ordered the construction of a new type of college. A college which would consist of the same style and privileges as a University, which evolved later into the now world-famous University of Toronto.

Since its reform in 1849, the University of Toronto has focused on Scientific and Literary studies. The University is also a diverse community, welcoming in students from over 168 countries. Throughout the years the University has sent millions of students on their path to success.

The University of Toronto has educated Prime Ministers, Governor Generals, foreign leaders and Justices of the Supreme Court.

Along with the outstanding academic program, the University of Toronto is famous for its services for international students

Centre for International Experience

The Center allows students to learn other languages while practicing their own language through teaching. This counts as one a credits towards completion of their University education.

Graduate Center for Academic Communication

The university offers assistance for graduate international students necessary to develop communication skills that are needed in both the academic and personal Canadian experiences.

Mandatory Student Healthcare Insurance

The University of Toronto requires mandatory student Healthcare Insurence to cover students in case of illness or accidents or any health problems during their study there.

In order to apply the application form must be completed before submitting an application, which can be found online on the University of Toronto website at,

To complete the application process the international students need to provide proof of proficient knowledge in English or proof that the previous two or more years of their education were under English instruction. There is a number of recognized tests to prove English proficiency IELTS, TOEFL

For More information, please visit the University of Toronto’s website at

Eligible Colleges & Universities

York University

With the rapid increase in the number of students entering Universities in the late 1950s, there was a need for more universities to be built to accommodate them. That decree started with York University, the first University of the to be affected by the movement. Since then, York University has welcomed hundreds of thousands of students to its halls, with over 6000 international students in 2018. Students come from over 170 countries to the University that welcomes them to exceptional programs in Education and Science, while also allowing the students to research in their field.

Another reason that York University attracts so many students is because of the bounty of services that the University and its students offer for International students. Firstly, the University provides an English Language course, known as York University’s English Language Institution (YUELI), to help prepare new International students for the academic and social uses of the language. Unlike many other Universities, the students provide webinars (online seminars) before school starts in order to prepare international students for a life in Canada. These webinars cover a wide range of topics including information about housing, what life is like in Toronto and so much more. In addition to the webinars there is also guidance available from the staff and faculty about many of the issues that international students face whether it is, mental, social, cultural, financial and/or academic. Finally, there is also peer tutoring available to the international students, which can be used as an opportunity to, not only improve in the academic field that the student is struggling in, but also as an opportunity to improve their english communication in an oral sense. Before being able to join this historic University and take part in the services they offer, international students must meet a few requirements. Firstly, there are the specific program expectations and requirements which every students must adhere to, whether they are local or international. These requirements may include, but are not limited to: admittance tests or a certain mark in a relevant course during the students secondary education, find your course on the York University website to discover what the requirements are for your course. After the international student has made sure that they qualify for the course they have to prove their proficiency in the english language by completing english proficiency tests, preferably, IELTS, TOEFL or PTE. In York University there is also the alternative option of taking the YUELI course and completing level 9. Finally, they also need to submit an application form. This form will include, course descriptions for all courses taken outside of North America, an official transcript of your secondary school courses, the application fee and the international services fee as well.

For More Information, please visit the York University website at
Or visit the York University website for international students at

Eligible Colleges & Universities

Ryerson University

In the heart of Toronto, the biggest city in Canada, lies Ryerson University. With many activities and events available both inside and outside of the school it is no wonder that over 40,000 students from over 148 countries flock to the University every year.

Since joining the Council of Universities in 1971 and being recognized as an official University in 1993, the Ryerson Institute of Technology has advanced to surpass its fellow Universities and became one of the highest ranked Universities in Ontario by enrollment.

Services for International Students

ESL Foundation Program

One of the more academically focused services that Ryerson offers to their International Students is an ESL foundation program, which allows for the international students who are not at a sufficient level in English to take a huge stride towards the right level and even beyond.

Student-Run Workshops, Seminars, and Events

The University offers a large number of student run events, workshops and seminars to help students adjust to the society, culture and get insight/information about immigration and how it works.

One on One Counselling

Allows students to privately discuss with a counselor any problems that they may have in adjusting to the new lifestyle, culture, social environment, academic environment, and other challenges.

Career Boosting program

The career-boosting international program for international students to assist them in finding work while studying at Ryerson University.

Educational Program Enrollment Requirements

if the international student does not retain the level of english proficiency that is required, they could apply for a spot in the ESL foundation program instead and then begin the academic program they wish to pursue.

For more information, please visit the Ryerson website at

Eligible Colleges & Universities

Conestoga College

Since its founding in 1967, Conestoga has been leading in innovation and offering new programs. It has made connections with different Universities across the nation including the University of Windsor and McMaster University in order to be able to provide their students with programs such as the Masters of Business Administration.

Conestoga College invites thousands of new students to its campus every year from around the globe from over 80 countries. In addition to providing students with the knowledge that for specific fields and practices, Conestoga College also organizes seminars and workshops in order to improve student’s chances for employment ranging from “How to write a resume” to “How to use LinkedIn.”

Services for the International Students

Activities, field trips and workshops

A variety of activities, field trips and workshops geared at the international students at their college to help them make a meaningful connection to Canada, their new friends and environment  This experience can help those who might be having a tough time adjusting to the new lifestyle meet someone with similar experience.

Assistance and Guidance

There is also guidance and assistance provided to ensure that all the international students enjoy their time in Canada. The support is not only offered for academic challenges but also to make sure that the student’s personal lives are going smoothly as well and help those who experience difficulty adjusting.

  • Admission Requirements
  • Fill out an application form,
  • Completing an English proficiency test

adhering to the additional requirements for the specific program. The additional requirements may include, admission tests and providing a transcript of the senior years (Grades 10,11,12) of high school.

For more information, Please visit the Conestoga College website at

Eligible Colleges & Universities

Red River College

Dating back to 1938, Red River College has been a diverse and exceptional college. Throughout the years Red River College has grown to welcome thousands of new students from around the world.

In 2018, Red River welcomed in international students from over 60 countries, and these students now make up nearly a  quarter of the college’s population. Embracing the evolution of education, Red River College now specializes in applied learning and research. This allows students to take a step past the ordinary classroom and experience their programs in a workspace.

Services for the International Students


Language Learning Program

The College offers an exceptional Language Learning Program, which can help the international students in the learning of English in their transition. Red River

Application Representative Services

College helps international students who have trouble applying to the college by supplying them with an application representative.

Individual Counselling

Red River College offers special counseling to international students in order to ensure that both their academic and their personal lives are going smoothly.

Immigration & Income Tax Workshops

Red River College offers workshops to help students learn about and understand immigration laws and income tax.

The Trips and Activities

The college organizes trips and activities for international students encouraging them to make new friends who understand the process that they are going through.

Admission Requirements

  • Pay the RRC program application fee and the International Foreign Credential Assessment fee,
  • provide a transcript for their marks in grades 11 & 12
  • provide proof of English proficiency (In order to fulfill the English requirement the student must either, take an English proficiency test (IELTS test, TOEFL test, and PTE )or have proof that their education was instructed in English in the past 2 years.

For more information, please contact Red River College at

Eligible Colleges & Universities

Humber College

Since its founding in 1967, Humber College has grown to become Canada’s largest college. Since Humber first opened its doors, it has welcomed over 220,000 students from all over the world.

In the fall semester alone Humber welcomed almost 5 thousand international students from over 138 countries. However, Humber is not only known for its diverse range of students, but also for their excellent technological program. In addition to Humber College’s many strengths and diversity, they were also ranked as the most sustainable college in Ontario, as of 2013.

Services for the International Students


Visas & Permits Assistance

Humber College offers services to help international students with obtaining visas, study permits, and work permits.

Student Healthcare

The college provides the international students with student health care, while also assisting the student in obtaining a health card if applicable.

Financial Advisors

Humber college offers financial advisors on site to help students with planning their financing, application for funding for tuition fees, loans and grants.

Housing  Assistance

If necessary, the college will also provide advisors to help the international students manage their finances. In addition, Humber College also provides international students with assistance if they have trouble finding appropriate housing and accommodations.

Peer Tutoring

If international students have trouble with any courses or programs that they have, the college also has a peer tutoring service. This service can not only help the international students with the subject, but it will also give them the opportunity to practice the English language through active communication.

Individual Counselling

Onsite counseling service is available, which can be used for any issues, academic or private.

Last but not least, there are trips available that allow international students to learn more about the culture. These trips are organized and led by staff and students at the college and allow international students to develop a sense of home in this new country.

Humber College Application requirements


  • Submit application
  • Application fee paid
  • Proof of working  knowledge of the  English Language.  (English language test results,  have proof of at least three years of education with English instruction, or 8-week s of  Humber English for Academic Purposes course).

For more information, please visit the Humber College website at

Eligible Colleges & Universities

Seneca College

With thousands of students graduating every year, Seneca is truly a marvel to behold. Since it was first founded in 1967, it has welcomed over 3,000 international students annually from over 113 countries.

They run many exciting programs including HELIX, which encouraged students to explore and develop their own businesses relating to the field of medicine. This college specializes in sending their students out into the field. They provide programs and courses which send students into work environments in order for them to build experiences in their fields.

Services for International Students


Student Mentoring In Life and Education (SMILE)

Immigrant assistance on site and providing trips and activities to help build connections between international students. The certified immigrant practitioner can help with visas, study permits and work permits for any international students who are in need.

Student mentoring

The student mentoring involves a senior student in your field of study helping you with the transition into Seneca both academically and culturally.

Trips and Social Activities

There is a great selection of trips that the college provides to help international students connect with others who know what they are going through and make friends.

College admission requirements


  • Submit application
  • Pay application fee
  • transcript for grades 10,11 and 12
  • Submit the results of the official English Language Proficiency test (IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE). Or Proof of instruction in English for not less than 2 years.

For more information, please visit the Seneca College website at

Eligible Colleges & Universities

George Brown College

Since its founding in 1967, the George Brown College has been welcoming in thousands of students from over 120 countries. In the fall of 2018, nearly five thousand international students were enrolled in the college with diverse courses and programs to suit the needs of students and requirements of employers.

With its education system evolving throughout the years, the college now specializes in both the culinary arts and the trades which involve skilled labour. This college was also the first college who was able to become a completely smoke free college.

The George Brown College provides international students with many services that help them not only adjust to the academic standards, but to also meet friends who understand what they are going through.

Services for the International Students

Tutoring Learning Center (TLC).

An academic service that is provided to international students is tutoring at the Tutoring Learning Center (TLC). This skill is not only useful in the academic environment but also gives the international students the ability to make connections and friendships.

the Language Cafè

The Language Cafè, which allows the students to meet others from out of the country. The Language Cafè is a meeting spot for international students from around the campus to meet up, which can be used as a method of improving their English through practice and make new friends in the process.

George Brown College Admission Requirements

  • Submit application
  • Pay the Application Fee
  • Proof of the English knowledge requirements (results of approved tests)
  • Proof of Education
  • Proof of Age ( applicants must be over 18 years of age)

For more information, please visit the George Brown College website at