2021 Labor Market Impact Assessment

2021 Labor Market Impact Assessment

Today, you will uncover everything you need to know about getting your Canadian Job Offer supported by LMIA.

We will explain in plain English what is an LMIA, why do you need one and how to get it. And what is most important how to leverage to get a massive lead for your immigration process.

So, let’s start with a real story which has happened to our recent client.


It just makes perfect sense that one person could become a permanent resident in Canada if they have a job offer from a Canadian employer who wishes to hire this individual.

Jennifer, a Croatian citizen, experienced marketing specialist, wishes to move permanently to Canada. Jennifer is an educated applicant. She had researched the official website of the Canadian immigration department, and she knows that under the Federal Skilled Worker program via Express Entry, she doesn’t score enough points to be invited to apply for advanced processing.

She had been exploring popular Canadian job search websites such as IndeedLinkedInJob BankZip Recruiter and others trying to find a job in Canada.

Jennifer was contacted by Harpreet, an HR manager of a Toronto-based marketing firm. She underwent a Skype interview with the Marketing manager of this Canadian firm, and the company issued her a job offer. Jennifer was very excited; Harpreet was happy, and the firm was excited to hire Jennifer. Harpreet asked Jennifer when she could start.

And then, all parties encountered a problem. Jennifer said that she did not have a work permit and asked Harpreet whether the company could request LMIA for her to get a work permit. Harpreet did not know how to do it and whether the company was able to obtain such a document.