IRCC quietly settled lawsuits against the Parents and Grandparents Program

According to a report by the CBC, the federal government of Canada allowed 70 potential sponsors to apply to its Parents and Grandparents Program in exchange for them to drop two lawsuits in relation to the program’s controversial expression of interest intake in January.

The settlement was confidential and involved a non-disclosure agreement, adds the CBC.

The lawsuits are due to a January 28 opening for expressions of interest in the program.

IRCC had a quota of 27,000 Interest to Sponsor forms, and 100,000 attempted to submit one.

The opening lasted less 10 minutes, and resulted in widespread criticism and frustration from individuals who were unable to access the form or complete it on time.

IRCC used a “first in, first-served”, in response to a previous system of randomized selection, which received criticism for handling family reunification as a lottery.

The lawsuits reported by the CPC claim that this year’s Interest to Sponsor process was “arbitrary, capricious, procedurally unfair and unjust.”

In a statement, Canada’s Minister of Immigration said “We are continually monitoring all of our programs to find ways to improve them. It is too early to speculate on potential changes to next year’s application process.”



IRCC now issuing invitations for Parents and Grandparents Program

Canada’s federal government is now issuing invitations to apply to its immigration stream for parents and grandparents.

Canada’s Parents and Grandparents Program lets Canadian citizens and permanent residents sponsor their parents and/or grandparents to come to Canada, for eventual permanent residence.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) stated that the invitations will be issued in the same order that the Interest to Sponsor forms were received, during the submission period which began on January 28.

The first invitations were issued on April 24, and the rest will take a few days to be received. They will be sent using the same email address that the applicant used on the Interest to Sponsor. Afterward, there are 60 days to accept the invitation and complete a sponsorship application.

IRCC stated that it aims to have 20,000 completed applications for its Parents and Grandparents Program in 2019, and if they don’t meet their quota they will conduct more invitation rounds.

Application process

Sponsors who are interested must receive an invitation to apply, and submit two complete applications. These applications are: to become a sponsor and from the parents or grandparents wishing to be sponsored for permanent residence. 

Both applications must be received by IRCC at the same time.

For more information on parent and/or grandparent sponsorship, contact Green Light Canada.